Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory foam mattresses are increasing in popularity, with more and more people finding and realising how they benefit their sleep. So we decided to launch this website to inform you about memory foam mattresses, tell you about memory foam mattress myths, the things you must know before you choose a memory foam matress, and finally – to help you choose the right one!

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About Memory Foam

Memory foam was developed in sixties by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions.
Basically, memory foam completes the need for a soft, comfortable mattress and a hard, supportive one. It means that a memory foam matress is usually denser and heavier than other mattresses.
Memory foam matresses or covers are usuallys recommended by doctors for people suffering from back pain. They are sized to fit standard bed frames to accommodate any mattress delivery, so if your doctor advises that you to sleep on a memory foam mattress, you’ll only need to purchase the mattress itself.
Memory foam matresses or covers are usuallys recommended by doctors for people suffering from back pain.
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7 Myths about Memory Foam Mattresses

There is a lot of confusion, myths and problems, when it comes to memory foam and mattresses made of it. Also, there are some rumours that have made some people avoid buying memory foam mattresses. We wanted to see are they true or just some (false) myths. So we decided to test each and every one of them. Continue reading Memory Foam Mattress Myths …

Things You Must Know Before You Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses and memory foam matress covers are helping people of all ages, sizes and shapes sleep comfortably. Here`s a buying guide so you know what to look for when you`re choosing a memory foam mattress. The most important factors are density, firmness and thickness.
How to buy a memory foam mattress

Compare Different Memory Foam Mattresses

SleepAid Dream Series

Sleep Aid presents the only mattress in the world with an aloe-infused bamboo cover. The Dream comes with a 1-inch layer of Loft-Endure foam, a revolutionary, flame-retardant quilting fabric that prevents your mattress from losing loft over time, guaranteeing you years of enduring comfort. The Dream advanced HRC temperature-control system will help you rest at your perfect temperature. Continue to reviews – Find a Memory Foam Mattress Reviews >> Best Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress Tops, Toppers and Covers

Memory Foam Mattress.org was developed in response to the ever growing number of mattress and mattress pad shoppers who have heard about benefits of memory foam, but have not been given enough information to make a proper buying decision. Our goal is to make informed buyers out of every foam mattress shopper. We do this with the help of Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C., an expert in the subject of pain relief and proper sleeping posture aids. After several years of research, Dr. Swartzburg has accumulated a vast amount of information on this subject and has figured out how to convey it in a clear and concise manner to help people with this very important decision-making process. See memory foam mattress benefits, king size memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress types.
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